How do you apply to a chair?

You will have to fill in an AOL (Application OnLine) which you can find on your MyEssec or via a link available on the chair's website. You can only apply once a year, the dates will be indicated on the chair's website.

Chair have their own procedure (interview with the chaired professor, with a jury, videos.....), you need to check on their website to find out about the process.

The selection of students takes place in T1 of each year, usually in October. In order for students to register in courses accordingly, the result of the selection for the chairs is announced before the first round of registration for T2. As long as the schedule and/or workload is compatible, it is possible to attend several chairs.

Each year we receive nearly 1000 applications from ESSEC students (AST, ASC, MS and Global BBA); half of them are admitted in the chair. There are no admissions limits or quotas. 

How do you apply to a track?

You will have to fill in an AOL (Application OnLine) which you can find on your MyEssec or via a link available on the track's website. You can apply all year long during the registration round. 

What criteria do you use to evaluate applicants for the chairs?

We evaluate the quality of their academic achievements, the breadth of their professional experience, and their international exposure. We look for applicants who are curious, hard workers, strongly motivated to enroll in the chair, and with mature career plans.

Are the chair courses on top of the courses required by my MS Program?

No. They are included among the electives required to obtain your MS degree. 

The chair classes overlap with my own classes (MS, Grande Ecole, etc). Which ones should be given priority?

You alone can determine your personal priorities. The time you spend at ESSEC is very short, and you may encounter many interesting opportunities, necessarily requiring you to make choices. Once you are admitted to the chair, you must sign a “Charter of Class Behavior” in which you commit to attending 100% of the chair classes (including the HR Days). This personal commitment seals your official enrollment in the chair. We will then contact your program director to formalize your participation and organize your presence in the chair.

My MS trip takes place during chair classes. What should I do?

You should consider this early on, before you apply. You must choose between the trip and applying to the chair, where absences are not accepted.

May I attend classes without being officially admitted to the chair?

Chair classes are exclusively reserved for students who passed the selection procedure. On special occasions, some conferences may welcome an external audience upon invitation.