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The ESSEC Chairs & Tracks:

The teaching and research chairs bring ESSEC into close collaboration with companies keen to develop innovative skills in their sector. Placed under the responsibility of members of the faculty body, each Chair has an objective to produce new knowledge, develop science and management practice confronted with the new challenges of the international environment, and to create a flow of data and market analyses. They are integrated into the Master program. They last between one trimester and two years. The chairs curriculum integrates one or several seminars, strictly reserved to students admitted to the chair, as well as mandatory and/or optional courses. Through the privileged links between partner companies, professors and students, the Chairs gather leading intellectual and professional communities from a specific field of activity, thus participating in its development.  A certificate from the Chairs is available if all the courses are passed.

ESSEC offers different tracks which are managed by an ESSEC professor. 

Like Chairs, the specialized tracks are part of the Master program curriculum and are placed under the responsibility of members of the faculty body . Courses allow students to study an academic field in greater depth or explore the full complexity of a business sector. At the time of graduation, students are awarded a certificate of the track. All the courses of the tracks are entirely given at ESSEC. Curricula of the tracks are taught in French and English. 

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