The future is a source of opportunity and progress. Those chairs are interested in the 21st century economy and

pay special attention to show how the concept of quality of life will shape the economy of the 21st century.

Health, Sports and the relationships between these subjects are all areas covered by our Chairs.

ESSEC Chair of Innovation in Health (previously Chair of Therapeutic Innovation and Chair of Health Systems)

In September 2019, the Chair of Innovation in Health and the Chair of Health systems merged. The Innovation and Health Chair is a teaching and research chair. Its historical partner is Sanofi Genzyme. The Chair’s educational objective is to train business leaders capable of:

  1. Understanding the purpose of health systems, their complexities and their socio-economic constraints

  2. Forecasting and using innovations in Health

  3. Developing the manager’s systemic thinking for the analysis of the environment, anticipation of the consequences, and securing the action (competence through transversality).

The Chair offers two options of 75 hours of lessons each:

  • one option on Health Systems and Health Marketing (in French)

  • one option on Innovation in Health (in English).

The Chair also develops research programs on the explanatory factors of health costs and the diffusion of health innovation, the methods of evaluating health strategies, the competition in health insurance, the use of big data methods for the analysis of health insurance data, the choices made by patients in health systems.

The Chair has become an academic place of excellence for all actors in the health ecosystem.

ESSEC Sports Chair

The Chair aims to train future leaders in sports business and provide them with an understanding of sport as a complex global industry with multiple stakeholders, and of current trends such as new funding models, digital, and e-sports. At the same time, the Chair also develops future leaders across different industries through “lessons learned” from sport, ranging from the development of individual strengths and values to the effective leadership of groups and teams.