Benefiting from the strength of its heritage and core values, ESSEC puts economic issues within the context of the social and environmental issues impacting the world. Our aim is to show how management profoundly influences social and political interactions, while being itself embedded in complex dynamic where the social and political orient and constrain it.

In an uncertain world, ESSEC wishes to contribute to our understanding of the complex risks and opportunities generated by these close interaction

Leadership and Diversity Chair

The Chair offers students a specialized program combining theoretical perspectives, practical knowledge acquired from professional presentations in the seminar, and hands-on experience through concrete projects with our partner firm L'Oréal.

The objective of the chair program is to heighten awareness, create experiences, and gain insights on the relationships between leadership, diversity and innovation. The Leadership and Diversity Chair is grounded in the idea that understanding and harnessing diversity is essential for responsible and innovative leadership.

It introduces students to current diversity and inclusion issues through seminar sessions with company representatives, and to conceptualize diversity and inclusion as not only a social responsibility, but more importantly as a source of innovation and collective intelligence. It encourages students to develop their own leadership through this knowledge, and also through group projects working with our sponsor firm, L'Oréal.

In the group projects, students produce digital content that is showcased on your website, and they have the opportunity to present their work to middle and upper-level managers.

Chaire ICP - ESSEC Entreprises et Bien Commun

La Chaire ICP-ESSEC Entreprises et Bien Commun est un lieu où les étudiants peuvent approfondir la notion de "bien commun" dans la société actuelle. L'Etat ne pouvant plus être considéré comme le seul acteur responsable du bien commun, les entreprises doivent également y contribuer de plus en plus. Les activités proposées par la chaire permettront aux étudiants de travailler avec les entreprises partenaires et avec les étudiants en Humanités de l'ICP (Institut Catholique de Paris). Les cours vont aborder la question du bien commun dans la double perspective du management et des humanités; les étudiants auront également l'opportunité d'explorer sur le terrain les pratiques des entreprises en matière de contribution au bien commun avec le souci d'évaluer leur impact. La Chaire est soutenue par des entreprises de différents secteurs engagées d'une manière originale dans la contribution au bien commun. Les étudiants de la chaire ICP-ESSEC obtiendront dans le cadre de la chaire un DU (Diplôme Universitaire) "Entreprises et Bien Commun" délivré par l'ICP.

Philanthropy Chair (Research Chair, not open to students)

The ESSEC Philanthropy Chair is a Research Chair dedicated to understanding philanthropy and enhancing its impact. Philanthropy can be defined as all forms of private funding for public purposes, especially donations from individuals, companies, and foundations. It represents a growing source of funding for nonprofit and public organizations, and its influence is on the rise in most countries around the world. The Chair is interested in new ways to fund social innovation, such as impact investing and crowdfunding. Through academic research, dissemination and training, the Chair combines academic rigor and practical relevance to produce and disseminate new knowledge on philanthropy, mainly in France and in Europe.