At the crossroads between past heritage and future prospects, between tradition and innovation, ESSEC’s Marketing focus in research and teaching has set it apart for more than a quarter of a century.

Today, ESSEC is reinforcing this expertise and broadening its approach with three Chairs dedicated to these matters.

Chaire Grande Consommation

Le secteur de la Grande Consommation est en pleine mutation : révolution digitale, ubérisation des modèles à travers les startups, prise de pouvoir par le consommateur, nécessaire responsabilité à l’égard des hommes et de la planète. Créée en 1985 par Daniel Tixier, la Chaire a pour but d'apporter aux étudiants un enseignement complet sur le secteur : ses acteurs, ses perspectives et défis. Avec ses partenaires (à parité industrie/commerce), elle forme chaque année, une trentaine d'étudiants à travers un programme pédagogique ambitieux et exigeant : cours, séminaires, voyage, débats, événements, visites terrains. Elle est également une place d’échange et de dialogue pour inventer, avec la participation de l’ensemble de l’ecosystème, la consommation de demain. Une consommation innovante, connectée et surtout plus responsable. 

The New LVMH Chair: Future of Luxury

Jointly created by ESSEC and the LVMH Group in 1991, the LVMH Chair is the longest-standing program worldwide specially dedicated to training young talents for careers in the luxury industry. 

The new format of the LVMH Chair is highly innovative as it adds exclusive digital content to its offer. Through the digital content, open to all ESSEC students across 3 campuses and across programs, students will be able to immerse themselves in the world of luxury and the LVMH ecosystem, travelling through métiers and each step of the value chain: from design and creation, to brand management, supply chain and manufacturing, digital transformation and entrepreneurship, and client excellence. 

For those students who get accepted into the face-to-face component of the LVMH Chair, they will discover that the Chair offers students a unique program that integrates theoretical knowledge through courses given by ESSEC professors and practical expertise through seminars given by LVMH managers.

The guest lectures given by the LVMH managers are the highlight for many LVMH Chair students as they are exposed to various LVMH Houses and topics, ranging from launching a new fragrance to managing the digital strategy of a luxury brand to dealing with supply chain challenges to meet customer expectations. The face-to-face component of the LVMH Chair also provides participants with hands-on experience through exclusive company visits and field projects.

ESSEC Beauty Chair

The ESSEC Beauty Chair is the first business training for excellence in Europe dedicated to the beauty sector. Founded by Véronique DRECQ with the Estée Lauder Companies, I.F.F., MARIONNAUD, and the support of Cergy Paris University, its objective is to provide students with a highly comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by THE BEAUTY INDUSTRY. It is part of the France 2030 plan.

The world of global beauty is a rapidly changing industry with significant and exciting growth potential. New shopping dynamics and changing consumer preferences – including omnichannel and interconnected shopping, tailored/personalized beauty with AI and AR technology and rising expectations of sustainability beauty innovation – have created new opportunities for aspiring students in marketing, beauty, retail and/or branding to impact the future of global beauty.

The Chair intends to gather expertise from its ESSEC community to inspire the future of beauty. The program will open the doors of the beauty industry to its students and provide them with a full view of beauty sector end-to-end and the tools to build careers across areas such as marketing, communication, retail and brand leadership.

The main objective of this new Chair is to help students understand the breadth and scope of the beauty industry, the significant trends that impact its ongoing evolution, the skillsets it takes to lead a beauty brand today and in the future, while helping students realize the potential of a career in the industry.