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Business Analytics Methods Track

The Business Analytics Methods (B.A.M) track is designed for ESSEC students who have a strong mathematical background and who wish to apply their analytic skills to business decisions during their professional career. As the economic environment is more and more complex with increasing number of dimensions, parameters, products, customer segments, business units or rules involved in decision-making, companies appreciate to have high-potential business school graduates who combine managerial skills and rigorous quantitative techniques to face that complexity, properly analyze data and optimize decision-making (planning, allocating, sizing, pricing…). Moreover, statistical models and risk-management techniques give the manager a valuable asset to face increasing uncertainty of markets and environment. The B.A.M track will be useful to general managers and consultants, as well as to ESSEC students who wish to start their career by a position of business analyst or data scientist. The Business Analystics Methods track is methodology-oriented and focuses on quantitative models and methods, contrary to the Accenture Strategic Chair Business Analytics which is more application-oriented.

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Digital Transformation and Digital Business Track 

The Digital Transformation and Digital Business Track  is open to students wishing to specialize in IS and IT during the MSc period, and capitalize on this expertise during their internship, apprenticeship, and/or their profession. The track can be taken entirely in English. It is of special interest to students wishing to work in the IT sector, consulting or in an IS function after graduating from ESSEC.

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