Management & Society

Management & Society Track

CSR/Sustainability has become a major issue for companies today. This trend seems not to fade away: UN Global Compact now boasts more than 1200 signing companies only in France, while most large companies worldwide today present some kind of environmental / social communication to their stakeholders. Today, the global deployment of ISO 26000, the rise of Sustainability reporting and the increased popularity of Socially Responsible Investing make CSR an attractive field of professional specialization. This track provides students with a pedagogical pathway that prepares them to enter to this new and growing area. 

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Management & Philosophy Track

The managerial sciences are rooted on Philosophy, more particularly on political philosophy. Philosophy helps in: asking the right questions, raising the right problems, it helps making clear the relation between efficiency, short term and sense long term. It helps in looking for long-term orientations, visions, projects, strategies in an uncertain world. The demand is increasing in companies for structuring together both short-term and long-term perspectives and for acquiring competences when it comes to make sense of business in a human world. The Management & Philosophy track gives the students the opportunity to make clear the roots of modern sciences, and particularly the managerial ones. On the other hand, taking into account that the more demanding theories involve an understanding of their relations to practice, and that such an understanding cannot be at once theoretical and practical, the practical consequences of the theoritical approach of the roots of managerial sciences on the basis of the understanding of the main issues of political philosophy are crucial. Such practical consequences concern the students' posture or attitudes (in French, the "savoir être"). The track aims at providing students with some keys concepts and takeaways concerning their posture or behavioral skills. These skills concern particularly the short term/long term tension, daily decision making, genders, the increasing complexity of our world. This track is complementary to the Management & Society track.

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